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tfewster - "The attitude* that "We can't do everything, so we won't do anything" infuriates me."

Me too. But ... experience in public sector (in transport, not healthcare) suggests two issues might arise.

Firstly, it'll be a great plan, then internal finance guys will get hold of it - we had a draft contract for new capital assets (anything £1m and up that required either a) full source code, or b) sufficient supplier guarantees to cover costs of replacing system during contract duration. Internal finance guys saw that, and decided it could be scrapped as a saving, without asking why it was there, and before even talking to suppliers (even though they knew one of the three in question had indicated privately they could live with providing source, and one had said "probably but show us the wording").

Secondly, and I've mentioned this on another story -any change at all to software required union approval, training courses, and if "difficult" or "new skills", possible pay rises.

To be clear, I have problems with both, I'm not supporting their positions at all, but seen it happen.

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