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Ubuntu 'weaponised' to cure NHS of its addiction to Microsoft Windows

Dave the Cat

I've been in NHS IT for 15 years and as much as I personally like this idea, it simply won't happen.

Too many people, with too many vested interests have their fingers in too many pies. At a local level, finance directors simply won't understand the rationale and cost behind the change, and believe me no amount of talk of long term savings will register with them, they have a tough enough time balancing the books year to year yet alone looking 3, 5, 10 years down the line.

Operations managers will decry the disruption which will, without a shadow of doubt, be massive. Regardless of how well it's planned, this is the NHS, it will go to shit. I guarantee it.

There will be uproar from staff and the ever difficult unions some of whom will feel personally affronted that they no longer have access to MS Office, regardless of the open source versions being just as good.

Then there are the technical issues, there are so many archaic and disparate software systems and databases at so many different hospital trusts and even down to individual sites within single trusts.

It all boils down to one simple thing, money. If this were resourced properly it could work, however it won't be. It'll be thrown together on a shoestring at best.

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