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"Would that be where Corbyn won an approving tweet from Farage for firing front benchers who voted against the Conservatives?

Labour was the recipient of a large quantity of tactical votes. They were not given for any other reason than people want the conservatives opposed. If Labour stays like Blairs neo-Tories, they will not get those votes next election and more of their supporters will desert them again."

That would be where Umunna decided to be a little prick about things and cause a rebellion on wanting an ammendment that could never happen. Not only did it go against the Labour manifesto that he supported but it also goes against what the country - rightfully or wrongly - voted for.

For the record, I voted to stay in the EU. But I'm not a wanker about it and I accept that it's happened. If the tables were turned, those who voted to stay (who are crying now) would tell those who voted to leave to shut up and accept it.

99% of those who voted know now it's a stupid thing and given the opportunity to vote in a second referendum the result would be completely different by a much bigger majority. That's not going to happen though unfortunately, although it's hard to know what to think when it's getting more obvious by the day that May won't be PM by the time the negotiations are finished, whenever they do finish - as there is scope in the legislation to extend negotiations if it's supported by all involved.

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