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“Ultimately, open source allows you to be in control of you own destiny.”

Strictly speaking that's also true of closed source, but it just might be more painful to change one's destiny.

Where do you come from ? Closed source, BY DEFINITION, means the software is OUT OF YOUR CONTROL, AGAIN, BY DEFINITION!!!!! I think that was the stupidest sentence I have had the leisure to read on this site AND I have been here many years. Crikey, where do you come from ?

The important thing is to use open standards for one's application

Well, that means you avoid MS, entirely, and most other proprietary vendors I have heard of, if not all.

official blessing for Mono is at least some evidence of that.

Mono ? Listen, NOBODY USES THAT ON Linux/macOS ... Mono is cursed, despite MS' blessing. No, I grant you, there are a bunch of .Net fans around here who are sick of WIndows 10, they might ;-).

Open source with no support merely makes one solely responsible for one's destiny.

Hm, 100m ? how many support staff can you hire for 100m a year ? Nahhh, let's say, 10m, it has to be 90% cheaper .... Again, this is licensing, not IT staff doing maintenance, who call MS, desperately, to get lousy support, and see no patch but a promise that some Tuesday next month, if they are lucky, they might get a fix ... that is, if the MS support guy understands your problem ... Again, with that money, you can hire one or more kernel hackers + a fully staffed support team!

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