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Linux *does* get attacked a lot..

Linux (especially the kernel) is used on a lot more devices than windows, but the differences are diversity and modularity. There are thousands of different linux distributions (including android and various embedded devices) which are configured to suit the specific needs they are targeting, and this blends into the modularity aspect...

Windows is pretty monolithic, it comes with support for tons of hardware, html rendering, APIs for gaming, several legacy versions of most APIs intended to support older applications, a bunch of network services like rpc and smb which are difficult to turn of let alone remove. With Linux you can easily turn off what you don't need, resulting in a lighter system with a much smaller attack surface.

Both linux and windows recently had vulnerabilities in their most common implementations of SMB (which is what wannacry exploits), the difference being that every windows box has SMB not only installed and enabled by default but very difficult to remove (they actually suggest you firewall it rather than turning it off properly), while the vast majority of linux systems do not run smb at all.

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