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Ubuntu 'weaponised' to cure NHS of its addiction to Microsoft Windows

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True , depending how easily your eyes water. Here's a real life example for you. When you go to the GP and sit in the waiting room, there may well be a TV with handy info for staying alive on it , that also calls patients when its their turn. THAT is run on XP . Why you ask? for such an incredibly simple job that could be coded in half a day on W7 / w10 ?

Beats me. Its basicly running a program that talks to the bigger patient system ( called EMIS) and then yells out in the waiting room . So its a 3rd party add on for emis i guess. Anyway the people who made it wont make it work on W7 , but they will sell you their new thing that does exactly the same ,but on win 7. For £2000.

That's not a lot for the NHS , but its the GPs who are paying per waiting room.

If I was in charge id get emis to add that functionality in , given that were paying them billions per year

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