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"The Government - and I won't name names, but both the Conservatives and Labour are infested with these parasites - don't want there to be an NHS in the way that it's free for the people of the UK to use."

You're right to castigate Labour for their role in this during the Blair/Brown/Mandleson years - they drank the free-market kool-aid, and became indistinguishable from the Tories. And many of those people are still powerful in the Parliamentary party.

But I sense that Corbyn's Labour party is a different animal, with a genuine commitment to social welfare and the NHS.

Though of course commitment in itself isn't enough - they have to take the huge step of finally breaking to the voters the bad news that Blair always concealed: that we can only have better public services and safer housing if we actually pay more tax. Not just have Them pay more tax, but We pay more too. And they have to get Us to vote for it - a tall order.

But then again, an increase in the Labour vote under Corbyn's leadership was a tall order, until a couple of weeks ago...

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