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It strikes me that not being terribly fuel efficient is a bit of a British tradition (admittedly the US isn't shy in that respect either). You still find that tradition in the Aston Martin - still (IMHO) the most beautiful styling ever and a respectable engine to boot, but it's not exactly setting records in fuel efficiency :).

Not that you need that from a monetary aspect (if you can afford an Aston Martin you will probably also have an accountant who can manage your fuel costs), but from a sheer operating radius perspective it's annoying.

Going sideways slightly, that's why going *really* fast isn't actually going to get you anywhere faster if the travel distance exceeds tank capacity. In my own experience, doing a calm 120km/h takes 1/5th of the fuel of doing 250km/h (+50l/100km versus 10l/100 for a v8, and those figures are worse for the aforementioned Aston Martin)) - if you want to do 500km in one go in, say, Germany you're better off with a boring old turbo diesel doing 140 km/h than anything faster as some of those will give you nearly 800km on a single tank (it starts with indicating +1000km, but you'll only ever hit that if you stick to 100-110km/h and accelerate as if you have a Prius with empty batteries and only shoe leather for brakes).

Anyway, apologies for the segway. Speaking of which, what happened to those? :)

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