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Pipe Dream

But it's a pipe dream that I hope happens.

The Government - and I won't name names, but both the Conservatives and Labour are infested with these parasites - don't want there to be an NHS in the way that it's free for the people of the UK to use. They want an NHS in name only, but with it's services divisioned up and provided for by private health companies. Virgin Health is already one provider, and they're also suing the NHS at the moment after losing a contract bid which the NHS tendered out and the NHS won.

The Government are doing their best to bring this change around quickly. We've seen this week, after a month of praise for our emergency services for all their hard work, won't have their 1% pay cap removed. But there are 10 DUP MP's who do absolutely nothing other than say "Aye" (which is a change from them saying "Never") who have collectively gained £150 million each.

We have also seen over the last 7 years funding be cut. Services outsourced to private companies. Hospitals built in such a way where by the NHS Trust that "owns" the building end up paying rent to the builders for 100+ years. I don't recall the correct term for that, but that was started by Labour and continued by The Nasty Party.

The last thing this Government want to do is do the logical thing and replace an ageing abandoned operating system with something that will work and gives the organisation more control over it's security. It'll be for the private companies who (if unchecked and allowed to prosper under this government) to provide their own computer systems, allowing the NHS to cut back to become a silo for patient records instead. Not to mention what would happen when Microsoft start lobbying the Government to be allowed to either upgrade or remedy the Windows XP situation. They have previous with this when the Government mandated that all documents created should be available in the Open Document Format, not the Microsoft Office Document one.

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