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Ah that is interesting I missed that thanks.

Looking at the rules for Visa though it is not across the board:

* Applies only to credit cards, not debit or pre-paid cards;

* 10 states restrict the surcharge, including some big ones (CA, NY, FL, MA, TX). Since I have lived in NY and CA no wonder I missed this!

* Merchant can only surcharge up to the acceptance rate of the card up to 4%. The rate varies according to card present, type of business, signature required etc. At least for Visa it seems they want the highest rate applied across competing networks to be applied.

In the end the merchant still cannot discount cash transactions at a rate the merchant chooses. In addition, I would like the transaction fee for *all* transactions to be available.

Question for US folks not in a restricted state - does the surcharge get displayed BEFORE you OK the transaction?

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