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Nope, what they want (in this instance) would have been gladly handed over- had they asked for it through the proper channels. Some hothead somewhere decided they were above asking for the information in a formal manner- that they'd demand and threaten MS instead. MS- fearing a precedent could be set- refused to play ball- and dragged the Irish government along to the court case, as an interested party. The Irish government said- why the hell didn't the DOJ just ask for the information- we'd have handed it to them on a silver platter. The fact of the matter is- they want to legalise extra-judicial territorial claims- it looks like globally, and for whatever reason, picked on Ireland as a soft target (they could just as easily have picked a case with any other country hosting such information- hell, perhaps they did and the company involved simply rolled over, and it never made the media- I guess we'll never know.

Anyhow- on a point of principle, Ireland cannot be seen to be acceding to handing over jurisdiction to information hosted in Ireland- regardless of what the information is. If there is a reasonable and justifiable request made for the information- such as it relating to drugs trafficking (as per this case)- just request the information- and you'll be handed it with a smile. You don't need to threaten to batter down the door with a sledgehammer- when you'd be welcome, if you simply knocked..........

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