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Interesting AA facts?

I once owned a hotel edition of the AA book circa 1920. It was full of maps and all sorts of useful information. I was surprised to learn that for 5 shillings you could buy a lead weighted message pouch. Apparently by each AA box was a flagstone square with a white cross painted on it. So whilst flying your biplane you could write a message to your butler ordering him to order extra pheasant for Aunt Agatha's party. Then swoop over and drop the pouch onto the white cross, the AA patrolman would then diligently phone your message ahead for you!* I wonder how many of these pouches were sold :)

Also, in bold type on the head of every other page it stated; "If a patrolman fails to salute you, stop and interrogate him".


*If he hadn't been killed by the lead weight!

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