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"They spent millions on a Deloitte restructuring program that put most of the inept management in place to begin with."

I'm reminded of going to work on a project where the other engineers were, to say the least, excellent (and taught me stuff that was immensely useful later.)

Not to name the large Dutch company involved, but apparently the consultants had been called in by senior manager X to reduce costs; and they had produced a list of employees graded by ability. The best engineers were of course on the most difficult projects, and it was these projects that weren't making milestones.

Obvious solution: sell the difficult projects and their staff to other companies wanting a slice of the action. Retain the incompetent managers because they weren't a threat to X.

This seemed at first sight a slightly improbable story but I was there because the supposedly fully debugged and tested code produced by some of the retained employees didn't actually work. How was this possible? Because, it turned out, it had never been run on the target hardware. But it had been signed off.

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