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I can't remember the exact quote, but "For every woman tending a child, there is a soldier with a rifle tending a frontier" was the gist of it.

How civilised is a flush toilet? But someone has to build the sewers and maintain the sewage plants.

A large part of today's problem is that we have a generation who have absolutely not the first clue as to how the world works, who have de facto political power.

They have the ethics and morality and comprehension of 6 year olds at kindergarten, demanding 'safe spaces' from authority figures.

There are no safe spaces in Afghanistan. People are killing each other daily. They would like to kill people in Britain too, and sometimes they succeed.

Yet the siren call of socialism 'if everybody were nice to each other' remains a childish plaint. People are not nice to each other. Basic game theory shows that being a murderous barbarian is actually a successful strategy against 'nice people'.

We have an army, so that nice people can be nice to each other. By killing the ones who are not so nice.

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