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Canadian sniper makes kill shot at distance of 3.5 KILOMETRES


Runs those numbers again?

in 9.7 second an object in 1g will fall 1/2 g t^2

say 10 seconds and 10 meters per second square for simplicity that's 500 meters/1500 feet to very round approximations.

But I seriously doubt that anyone would be using ammo that was transonic and only just

speed of sound 600mph. distance about 2 miles = 12 secs.

So far numbers stack up, but 50 cal sniper rounds have far higher muzzle velocities..around 850m/s. and are optimised for low drag so flight time to target at 3750 meters is 4.5 seconds.

And suddenly the T squared term is way way less. Only 100 meters drop.

And 100 meters at 3750 meters is a mere 1.52 degrees above line of sight.

Its hard to get precise info on the actual ammunition, but 50 cal sniper rounds are said to be able to remain supersonic up to 1500 meters...

So maybe that 9 second flight time is realistic.

Oner is reminded of the wartime instruction 'never fly straight for more than a secind for every thousand feet you are up' as the flight-time of AA shells was about that., You simply moved away from where they aimed at.

Perhaps that is the answer to long range snipers. a constant drunkards walk should see you randomly off ground zero.

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