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Flash array startup E8 whips out benchmarks, everyone will complain



Great product, but what's the real world use case?

It's a JBOD, there is no data protection, no teiring, no thin provisioning, no compression, no encryption, no applications written to make use of it, no sun no moon! No morn no noon! No dawn no dusk, no proper time of day. No viable market.

I can think of maybe three customers...

* CERN, for capturing data from those big collectors.

* Lawernce Livemore and other extreme compute farms.

* Nope, really can't think of a third. Not even Watson could make use of this.

There are very few use cases that need this many IOPs over a relatively small dataset that can accept the lack of data protection.

Really great product though, let's hope it's not E8's November.

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