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Flash array startup E8 whips out benchmarks, everyone will complain

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

they forgot to make a business plan. nobody cares. they forgot to take note that most orgs are barely just getting thier first SSD based array in house at it stands present time. Let alone moving (light)years ahead into something that needs to be orders of magnitude faster than SSD.

Why? there isnt one good reason. "Because its cool" isnt a business plan. Where are my data services? Integrated backups? Cloud integration? multi-protocol support? god forbid a hybrid SSD / spinning rust strategy (because SAS is dead but high capacity SATA for archive is not).

I correct myself. their business plan is "do enough (impressive?) powerpoints to technology executives until somebody buys my company and integrates my tech into their 2020 version storage array....

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