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I do not own a 50 BMG, so I had to look up values. But this is what I put into Strelok and what I got out...

Distance: 4101 yards (sorry, US here)

Slope angle: 0

Wind speed: 0

Wind direction: 0

Weather: altitude 112', temp 90 F, pressure 29.41 ihHg

Cartridge: bullet weight 700 grains, Ballistic coefficient (G1) 0.62, bullet speed 2978 fps @ 100 degrees fahrenheit


Vertical adjustment of 49,622.24 inches (1,260.404896 meters)

Sound speed: 1153.3 feet per second

Time of flight 19.9 seconds

Muzzle energy (out of barrel) 13784 ft-lbf

Retained energy (at impact) 68 ft-lbf

Now maybe I entered stuff in wrong for the bullet, but Stelok is a pretty standard ballistics calculator.

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