Reply to post: Equipment is the easy part, the skill to do it in a combat situation is the amazing part.

Canadian sniper makes kill shot at distance of 3.5 KILOMETRES


Equipment is the easy part, the skill to do it in a combat situation is the amazing part.

There are several various calibers dedicated to precision shooting out to the 2 mile + range.

The .50 BMG is probably actually the hardest to get on target, with the .408 and .375 rounds being a bit easier.

The recoil isn't going to be too bad, it all depends on the setup of your rifle

(A .50 with a suppressor will feel like a nice stiff mule kick, vs. with a tank style muzzle break, it's downright pleasant. )

Getting the hits on a target of the type that might shoot back or move, when you are in a combat zone & don't have all day to walk your shots in, is where the true skill comes in.

It seems the Canadian snipers do tend to excel at some of the really long range stuff.

Shooting at 1000m ranges with steel targets, is a very Zen like experience, where once you send it, you have time to reload and then relax and such before the sound of the hit makes it's way back to you.

It's a great science doing all the computations for arc angles, maximum rise height, speed at the different locations during flight, stability through the transonic range and all that, plus bullet design stabilization vs not being able to correct etc. Nice little tricks like being able to hit someone behind a hill or barrier etc depending on the arc and all that fun. Or shooting over something to hit something directly but much further behind it.

On a 2 way range, it's way harder & those Canadians have some amazing skills & probably tons of practice. ( $10k scopes with $20k rangefinders & even more expensive doppler wind measurement devices, do help cut down the amount of rounds it takes to get on target by a huge amount).

As equipment gets better shots get longer, these days 1000m is pretty much the entry for saying you are a long range target shooter, with most of the boasting being done just inside the 1500m to 2000m range and the experimenters hitting the side of a barn at 3000m and 4000m

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