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QC's last throw of the dice maybe?

I see lots of storm clouds heading QC's way and not only with respect of lawsuits.

For years there really was no other option but to bend over and take QC's [redacted] of you, smile and pay up. QC were the only game in town especially for a lot of players who could not design their SOC. Even the likes of Apple had to use their Modems and pay heavily for it because they were the best by a long way.

Now, things are different. With Intel coming along and providing pretty decent (but not quite as good as QC yet) modems to Apple, Samsung and Google designing thier own SOC's, the writing does seem to be on the wall for QC.

Now that they aren't the only game in town and add to that, that it seems that QC won't reduce the size of the you know what that they are using to shaft device makers, the device makers have decided that enough is enough and are going for QC's jugular with a vengance.

If Apple win here it will affect not only Apple but pretty well every mobile device maker around. I suspect that they are secretly on Apple's side here which is odd to say the least.

Interesting times. Can QC survive this onslaught?

If they lose who will step in and buy them? Google perhaps? They seem to have the most pressing need of SOC designers.

We shall have to wait and see.

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