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"developers stop assuming systemd is installed."

we'd have to break the gnome dev's spirits before THAT will happen... sorta like "to ride a horse, you must first break him".

they have too much control over too many open source GUI applications that we all use.

I was APPALLED at what they did to evince. Fortunately Mate has Atril. But even that gave me some trouble on FreeBSD, when I tried to run it as "not the logged in user". Yeah, "all that CRAP" it apparently "needs". Or not. And that's the point.

The existence of Devuan and the BSD's should be a mighty force against the borg-like systemd taking over the desktop software.

/me regularly runs applications on the X11 desktop NOT as whatever user is currently logged in on the desktop. For customer projects, for example, I often create special users so I can store THEIR settings and files separate, etc. etc. and usually it's just a matter of "xhost +localhost" followed by "su - thatuser" and "setenv DISPLAY localhost:0.0" (or "export DISPLAY=localhost:0.0" for bash). THEN, the applications logged on as "the other user" run just fine alongside of everything else, often with a title that includes '(as thatuser)' so you can easily tell the difference. this makes even more sense for default editor settings and browser settings and things of THAT nature, where your company contract might require you to log in via google or use a different github login, and you don't want THAT globally polluting your REGULAR DESKTOP now do you?

And of course reliance on systemd would SCREW THAT UP a LOT

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