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Re: UEFI: Need to dual boot Mint on Asus G75 from 2012

@ Sven Coenye

Ok, but what's involved in Disabling Secure Boot' / 'Windows Fast Boot'... Is it just a simple BIOS 'off' setting? G75 comes with 2 hard drives. Was planning on using 2nd drive for Mint. Therefore changing Boot Table on C for Grub, nothing more! Sound reasonable? ... Grub is still the trickiest part, as Mint install isn't informative. The 1st time I tried this on XP laptop I nuked the XP OS loader. It was only at a 2nd attempt that I realized I needed to pick Grub as the root of both. Then Windows and Linux could co-exist. Cheers for more info...

@ Long John Brass

If you mean Asus is crap, can't argue... The motherboard / onboard graphics failed on both G75 laptops (Nvidia 670m).... Now all I get are Instant Hardware Reboots from Overheating! But the core machine is still fine as a general laptop for now.

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