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The one common step for now is that you need to disable secure boot. Windows Fast Boot needs to be off until the Debian installation is complete. Other than that, it is entirely up to what the hardware manufacturer has cooked/messed up. e.g. Stretch installs clean on a new HP Pavilion, but on Acer's SP3, you need to change the boot order in Windows to get Grub to take over.

The one good thing about UEFI is support for GPT. Gone is the 4 partition limit and the need to basically wipe the drive to get around the Windows boot + OS + diagnostics + recovery primary partitions. You can now just shrink the main Windows partition and have the Debian installer reorganize the free space to suit.

However, given yours dates to 2012, it likely still has the old DOS partition table so you may still be looking at some disk surgery to free up a partition.

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