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Windows Server to get twice-yearly updates, plus stable and fast-moving branches

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

I'd rather work with a bucket of vomit.

Than that pile of shite.

As for windows 10, makes a grand++ top i5 QHD laptop work like a 150 quid netbook.

black screen with Dell logo and spinny windows thingy followed by

black screen no logo windows spinny thing followed by

blue screen windows spinny thing followed

getting windows ready for half an hour+ followed by

two reboots

followed by spinny thing 35% done eventually followed by


windows login, thank fcuk... followed by

getting windws ready followed by


followed by shutdown as remote meeting finished.

An infinitum of expletives can't adequatly explain the dross that windows has become.

The only way to hope your windows PC will do what you want is to disable updates and never turn of off or install Linux or tonymacx86 if compatible.

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