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Windows Server to get twice-yearly updates, plus stable and fast-moving branches


Is Windows server software going to be like Windows 10 has become ?

One spends hundreds of pounds on new server software for some really expensive but older hardware you'd like to keep using. It works fine. One is really happy. Then they shove out some OS update or other, you don't need at all, and then you find that your very expensive custom legacy app (correctly written using only fully documented APIs) no longer works on it and/or your legacy hardware is no longer supported, so you have no choice but to roll back. Then find this rolled back version is only going to be supported for another 18 months!

Time to buy new hardware which is even more expensive, or time to consider using something like Linux and get used to it ?

MS are on record saying that old legacy FS filter drivers will be blocked by default, then possibly blocked completely, so one has to "move away from them!" It seems to be as if they are on some sort of strange suicide mission.

Block stuff and deprecate APIs by all means ... But only do it in absolute brand new new versions of the OS. That means Windows 11 or something to me. It's how it was with 2000, Vista, Win7 etc.

Windows 10 is becoming a joke (and a nuisance) for this kind of thing in my opinion. You pay for windows 10 update, for your old Win7 laptop and then on the next version such as "Creators " then your hardware or custom software no longer works and you roll back to 18 months of support at most... Is server going to be like this as well ?

I remember being taught that one important job of an OS is to help protect against programs not working in future versions...

I think everyone using currently sold windows versions should have the option to move to a long time servicing branch to ensure support for the OS they have, which is currently workimg fine. That ought to mean ten years, from first release too, not a measly two or three years.

I remember MS updating Win 2008 server once, and it blue screened. A complete re-install was the only fix we could do. They don't seem to be able to pull this continuous updating off, in any reliable and satisfactory way at all.

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