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There was a lot of research done in preparation for this, and a stack of NDA presentations to prospective customers .. the feedback was pretty consistent, the majority of Nutanix and VSAN customers hit problems at scale, mostly due to the SDS layer. One of those was to what was probably one of the two or three biggest Nutanix customers world wide .. the big storage workloads all ended up on a traditional SAN, There was also a recent register from Chad Saccac from EMC who pretty much said the same thing for VxRAIL.

I take your point about the Nutanix Management Interface, its a lot more than that, and its a great piece of technology, arguably the best thing about Nutanix. There are people however that prefer to stay inside vSphere and use the VMware toolkits for most things .. The NetApp HCI UX works really well for people who have that preference.

Saying we've reinvented vBlock isn't a bad thing either, I respect all my competitors and theres a lot of excellent engineering there for the right use case and IT organisation, but really the most direct comparison to vBlock is FlexPod which is growing rapidly(+20%) while vBlock is shrinking even faster (-30%). NetApp HCI is built to be installed and operated purely by the VM / Cloud admin without any storage expertise, it also scales in much smaller increments.

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