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ElementOS is the software defined storage stack .. this is then packaged in such a way so that the CPU and memory impact of inline storage efficiency and other data services doesn't interfere with compute processing, and reduces VMware / Oracle / SQL server licensing costs. It supports the fine grained incremental scale out of HCI, the simple setup of HCI, the ability for the entire configuration to be managed by the virtualisation admin of HCI, the low TCO of HCI, the fast ROI of HCI, the "4 nodes in a 2U box with integrated storage" of HCI, and the API driven automation of HCI. If you want to disqualify as HCI because the storage software doesn't share CPU cores with the hypervisor (which at scale is more of a benefit than a drawback thanks to the way hypervisor and many other software products are licensed), then feel free, or call it composable infrastructure if you like. The vast majority of people who buy HCI don't buy it because of CPU core sharing, they buy it because of the incremental purchasing, easy installation, low administration costs, and better TCO and ROI than roll your own infrastructure, For them if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then its a duck ..likewise with HCI, and they won't care about core sharing any more than they care about whether the term duck should be used only for the Genus Anas within the Family Anatinae or whether the New Zealand Blue duck in the Genus Hymenolaimus counts as a "Real" duck, provided they both taste good with a nice orange glaze.

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