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Any International Business.

Defining Server in the proper sense, as an application that 'serves' requests. Most businesses have not yet managed the trick of making all the teams use the same tools. Finance/Sales etc do not use the same reporting systems (in some places they do, but the general point stands)

You need systems for customer interfacing (support portals), Web sites (various), Reporting, Data Entry, Data Entry on the move (sales/presales teams), Logistics, Stock Control (industry dependant of course), Forecasting, Budgeting.....

I could sit and type for a long time, but you need database servers (lots of), web servers etc to manage each tool. Now let's talk about redundancy and load balancing servers, backups, high-availability, ESBs, Proxies, VPNs, email/phones..... then you have systems management (VMs), antivirus..... blah blah

I don't think a large business would struggle to hit the 1000 server mark - but perhaps I'm jaded by my own experiences.

As for saving money.... I totally agree. But it isn't about ACTUALLY saving money, it's about APPEARING to save money. Get that CapEx 'off the books' into OpEx, and 'earn' yourself a nice bonus. Ta dah. < Look, I AM jaded!

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