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Personally (and it is just that) I recommend Pluralsight as they cover a wide range of topics of cloud to a good depth and what's nice is that they package them up so that you know where to start etc etc.

Disclaimer: I do actually get a free sub from them due to being a vExpert. That said, I would (and have) paid for it in the past, Pluralsight that is. ;) I just think they are good, affordable and you can even put the courses on your ipad/whatever for offline viewing (Think journey to work).

People looking to learn Azure however do have a bigger hill to climb because MS is stuck with the old Azure interface and the new and there are some gotchas. Even the experts moan about that :)

Finally, be careful on the docs you read/watch re: Azure. Anything older than mid 2015 is probably plain wrong these days. Not detracting from the platform, just sayin :)

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