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The Multiple Deaths Of 24 Bit/96 kHz Audio Discs

Did the crusty old retired recording engineers at Abbey Road tell you the stories about attempts to provide 24 bit/96kHz audio commercial discs? I know of four attempts to create a 96kHz standard disc. But all attempts met with doom due to the incessant insistence upon DRM, digital rights manglement. Every time a new cryptographic/encryption algorithm was proposed for a standard, it would be immediately cracked in public, making the DRM proponents very sad, resulting in the proposed standard being trashed. In the end, they effectively gave up. If only the music biz execs had treated their customers with trust and good will. Yeah, that could happen! (o_O)

There are still a few DVD audio discs that made it into the public space. I have the complete collection of 96 kHz Talking Heads audio DVDs. It is a PITA to rip the audio from the discs into FLAC or Apple Lossless format to play on my personal digital devices. But it's worth the effort. The now effectively dead Pono digital music service attempted the distribution of even higher sampling rate audio, up to 24 bit/192kHz. So long.

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