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NetApp puts everything it's got into a hyperconverged box


Anyone remember IBM Pure?

Yes, quite fondly.

And to be precise they were called IBM PureSystems

However, these went to Lenovo with the rest of their x86 server assets, you only have look at how the x86 vendors are now fighting for scraps to understand why IBM retreated from this market.

Whilst VBollox from VCE had a headstart it came nowhere near close in terms of manageability, but as we all know the market for so-called 'Converged Infrastructure was short-lived, the market for hyped-Up Converge will be even shorter.

Considering even NetApp will be looking to scale compute and storage independently, just shows how short-lived this market will also be, we will have come full circle in a short space of about 10-years

All the while IBM continues to deliver the industry's premium platforms for both scale-up and scale-out worloads.

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