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Yeah, right. It's been said most never test them, an I believe there's a reason other than just lazy incompetence. Remember, it used to be that even most large systems had scheduled downtime - maybe every night, even (yes, I was a field service guy for mainframes...been there, know that).

So, you want to be the guy who finds out the restore borks the "has to work 100% of the time system" and costs the company X% of their yearly profit - perhaps all of it - while you scramble to make it actually really work right?

With complex dependencies we've recently seen revealed - some of which were introduced without realizing it (dyndns, BA, many DDOS, you name it, we're seeing it's not just "hit reset") - and as the current article in DevOps (believe me, that is NOT my religion) mentions - guy is instantly fired for messing up the corporate DB points out - this is not a low risk for the person who insists on testing backups - used to be merely a groaner if a little extra effort in rebuilding was required. It might now be that the collection of knowledge required no longer exists at the company needing the restore...

Even simpler systems...I have many I just own personally that do my LAN of things - take a long time to build, have a lot of inter-dependencies, and thank heavens storage is so cheap that I can have them simply do a full image overnight once in awhile - pretty sure that's going to handle things.

Even that can take all night on a a raspberry pi system that monitors security video and weather for gardening purposes and has MySQL and NGINX and on and on to do so.

Now scale that to enterprise. Oh, it won't matter with DevOps because it'll never manage to get big, useful, and complex in the first place, it will get people used to "it's down yet again" all the time.

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