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Pentagon trumpets successful mock-ICBM interception test

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Next steps...

"As Martin Pfieffer, who Tweets as @NuclearAnthro, put it: “Now do it with one flying faster, carrying chaff, and of unknown launch & trajectory.”"

These interceptors are really not designed to take out anything with counter measures, which is why they wont work against Russian ICBM's (or probably the Chinese's as well). They will work against the Nork Rockets though, since they are not believed to have developed anything along those lines.

The next test if you wanted to prove the system is to tell the Interceptor Crews sometime in the next month we will Launch 1-3 ICBM's at you. And give them no more details. Then launch those Rockets randomly from unreported locations and see how it goes. If the Interceptor works then, you have a working system. If not, go back to the drawing board...

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