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The most important factor... human beings will be, if this is the road to a hellish global, totalitarian political system, or if it will actually crumble the existing structure of the controlling global central banking cartel and free us from the path they have planned?

Don't you find it tedious and missing the mark to talk about nothing more than how ML etc may benefit this corporation and that corporation and who's got a leg up in the race? As if its a train nobody can pull the breaks on, if they don't like the looks of the tunnel ahead?

Sure, its interesting to some degree and to a larger degree if its related to your job.

But how it impacts your life and that of your children would be a lot more important than whoever is racking up the next inflationary 100 billion stock valuation, no? Money has become its own purpose and it is currently overriding every other concern in all areas.

I have no fear of being ruled by AI - Machines don't know cruelty. It is humans like Rockefeller empowered by AI you'd have to fear. Greatly. Avid supporter of Eugenics and other hideous Nazi programs.

It is not a sign of mental health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick and errant society...

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