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and just last week

on a popular American tech/social media site, was another handwringing article about how "most Millenials don't have $1K to make a down payment on a home".

This article, and its glimpse into the premium "nostalgia" market, is pretty much the hard truth as "why". Not "economy", not "jobs", or the Boogeyman in Chief. It's constant, deliberate, personal choice of priorities.

Not a politically correct observation to make, but when you know people who dump 4 or 5K a year just in personal carry-around electronics, new TVs every two years, hundred dollar bar tabs every single weekend, and an overseas vacation every summer, who then complain about not having savings enough to buy some Limited Edition Collectible Robot Figurine, well, you may sympathize because that's a damn cool kit but "what the hell did you expect" comes to mind. That sh*t adds up into real money real fast when you care to look at it.

Or even more expensive by a couple orders of magnitude, is having two or more children.

Me, as a nerd, and not having kids, means I could choose some stupid expensive toys and still come out on top. But frankly I'd rather spend money on the tools to replicate my own. Vacuum forming and silicon casting molds on a borrowed item FTW.

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