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Too many lies

There have been so many lies from all sides for so many years, no one knows or even cares anymore what the truth actually is. Most people will (and can) believe whatever they are told. This is the kind of world our so called leaders have created (for us and for themselves).

I do not worship at the alter of any politician. Nor any 'captain of industry' for that matter. I do not see Trump as a god that can do no wrong anymore than I see Steve Jobs that way.

However, I am sick to death of getting a steady stream of lies from politicians, major media outlets, and various think-tanks.

The vast majority of anything that can be labeled as 'scandalous' regarding Trump amounts to nothing more than made-up lies created out of hate by power hungry people that only wish to see the destruction by self induced implosion of the American way of life.

I can't see a single reason for the Russian government to prefer Trump over Clinton. If anything, Putin would have preferred Clinton. Trump was elected by the same rules that gave us eight years of Obama. It does not matter what the Russians think. Clinton lost because of what Clinton did. Crying about it is not any more productive than crying about Obama. What bothers me so much about all this is that everyone wants to be so against Trump while no one seems to care at all about the criminal activity (that has been proven beyond all doubt) of both Clintons. People cry about trump 'not being fit' while completely ignoring how unfit Obama was. People seem to have forgotten how Obama completely lost all control over Airforce1 as it flew over New York...........During HIS first 100 days. People have also forgotten how Hillary welcomed the Russians into American nuclear facilities with open arms as Secretary of State. The list goes on and on.

Politicians are worthless. Open your eyes and see the truth. See for yourself how you are being lied to.

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