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jason 7 Silver badge

Trump will be around...

...till the powers that be have pushed a few more nasty Exec orders for him to sign then they can throw him under the bus as they planned all along.

Trump was a real gift. A guy who has zero political experience or ambition other than to tick it off a list. He has no real authenticity or bedrock support in Congress or the Senate. He's not really a Republican or a Democrat. I think the hidden elite realised he was the perfect choice for implementing the biggest range of nasty legislation and theft from the US population that no one established politician would ever dare put their name to.

He can be disposed of with little comeback to the Washington clique. The biggest political patsy ever. He and his parasitic family will in the end probably walk away with a billion dollars though and that's the hard part to swallow.

"Well it was all Trump's doing!"

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