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"I don't. I blame the network administrator."

This. Or whichever idiot overruled him.

Having dealt with NHS "network administrators" - who told me "You're very arrogant and you're talking gobbledygoook about viruses and IP addresses which I don't understand, I refuse to deal with you." and "I'm the administrator here, I know what I'm doing" - about a machine which was spewing crap all over the Internet. (And the boss, who sympathised but had no power to overrule the administrator), I'll say that a good chunk of the issue lays with the matter of adequate training coupled with Dunning-Kruger writ large.

Another similar discussion was had with a "NHS administrator" about a webserver used for GP patient bookings which was firewalling out around 2/3 of TalkTalk's entire UK ADSL IP allocations. "It works fine for me, you're making it up"

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