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Hacking or Deliberate

Where I grew up, the donkeys were well known for their ballot box stuffing and election manipulations (think Boss Tweed, et. al.). With paper ballots, there is a physical trail that can be checked even if some 'voted early and often'. But with electronic voting there is no paper trail and it is possible for the vote totals to be manipulated particularly by an insider (think a modern day Boss Tweed).

The problem with FL in 2000 was that the donkeys tried to get a recount in only a few counties using different rules than how the ballots were counted in the rest of the state. If the donkeys had asked for a recount using the same rules for handling certain ballots of the entire state Gore still loses but he looks a lot better. There was a statewide recount by the media and they found Bush wins by about the same number of votes. It was not widely announced.

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