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Redmond puts wall around Windows 10 for Chinese government edition


Pirate copy anyone?

For decades XP and W7 was pirated in China and a legit copy was hard to come by (or keep). It is still that way. We in the West paid for it. Perhaps the tables will be turned now that China has the scrubbed down version that everybody else in the world would like to have. The West could be awash with pirated copies of the China Edition!

The obvious problem is that the China Edition will be calling the Beijing Mother-ship rather than Redmond's Death Star. The user will be getting notices that using a VPN carries the death penalty. There will be ads for this weeks chicken feet specials - I hear they are delicious.

In actual fact it is a good thing that China will be using legit W10 licenses. The rest of Asia will hopefully follow - not likely though. Eastern Europe, Russia and South America - nope, never.

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