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Comcast accused of siccing lawyers on net neutrality foe

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To elaborate

"Comcast protects our company and brand names from being used improperly on the Internet by third parties" when we can very well tarnish our brand through our own lackluster services; overcharging, low bandwidth charged as high-speed, crap customer service, crap devices, crap channels bundled into bundles of bundles, known pedos in all C-level positions. Wasting profits on lobbying gifts rather than improving their services, or lowering prices, should speak volumes to their idiot, muggle customers. But they seem to love being abused. Idiots paying idiots for crap. Brilliant.

Glad they are not the only game in my town. Glad I dropped them a month after they spent many dollars running new cable into my demarcation point. Scumbags.

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