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So the question is - why have you got several thousand W7 desktops unpatched?

Because you are running custom software that's incredibly picky about OS versions[1] and patches? Because you don't have anyone that knows about WSUS or SCCM? Becuase your CxO doesn't give you any budget for anything other than getting their team the latest and greatest and certainly not for wasting time fiddling about with servers?

Been there, done that.

[1] Yes - in one job we had a hardware card supporting some custom machinery that caused us a lot of grief. If you put it in anything faster than a 386 the card would run for about 5 minutes before locking up. That's why we stockpiled old Compac 386 parts and spares to keep the machines it was running on going. Oh - and for extra delight, the driver we had for the card only worked under Win 3.11.

And this was in the mid 2000's.

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