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Great article. Should be hash tagged now, as this year's best so far. (2017 Xmas review)

Iain Thomson surpassed himself with this one.

For all the rubbish and hyperbole we've read/watched over the past week from the mainstream news, thank fcuk for this El Reg article.

Most notable being Amber Rudd talking to BBC News with a complete lack of understanding of exactly what she was up against. What I mean by that, her general demeanor / tone would have been more akin to her describing King Kong holding a poor girl to ransom (a Fay Wray equivalent) at the top of Big Ben / (Empire State building for US readers)

I sometimes wonder if these actual Cobra meetings have the same tone of urgency (everyone talks like Rudd) or everyone just sits with a cup of tea, bleary eyed and goes, "Well, let's face it - we saw this coming weeks ago and did nothing".

Generally it's nearly always comes down to incompetence, but I see so much sophistication in the layout/positioning of surveillance 'trip wire' devices in the UK (someone has spent lots of time and effort on their locations, even in very remote locations) that I'm starting to believe there is more at work here.

It even makes the idea of this code being "put out / left out in the wilds" of github - done (as a method) to "Scapegoat Encryption" per se, because the Goverrnment failed to win the argument for full access to encrypted messages after the Westminster Bridge attack, a plausible counter plan.

Well, if the far more important goal of full access to encrypted messages is your ultimate aim (which it clearly is) what's a few encrypted Windows machines between friends. A week of disruption for Plebs for a much bigger goal, seems a small price to pay to achieve what you really want.

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