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Russia's responce to ransomware changed?

Given that this attack is very handy for Microsoft (you can have our slurp or become vulnerable to attack, ah lookout here comes one just to prove our point) along with the previous ransomware mostly hitting the west then one wonders if perhaps this time around the attack has come drom a different source.

I would imagine that there are a lot of Western agents that had previous relied upon the bespoke back doors put into windows lately being worried that they might have to return to the bad old days, where they had to get out of their chairs. If everyone has a secure OS then I can see there jobs becoming much harder, well when it comes to spying upon their own populations anyway.

That Microsoft made obtaining updates without also taking their slurp increasingly difficult leading up to this attack might be also be suggestive.

Given that we know that both MS and the Western agencies were more than aware of this "vulnerability" and given their historic action it could not be seen to be out of character.

One thing is clear though, even limiting updates will not protect you since everyone really is out to get you, better to finally drop windows and go with something that doesn't come prepwned.

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