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Copy "protected" CDs? Hah.

The original article states:

"The industry's cack-handed attempts in the 1990s to copy-protect CD audio, often rendering the discs unplayable from a computer, accelerated its plunge in popularity."

On a point of order: I've got a lot of these "non-CD music discs" (they're not CDs because they don't stick to the CD digital audio standard). I've also got a half decent CD player, which tends not to be able to play them - skips and jumps worse than I've ever had from vinyl, I can tell you. When that happened in the past, I used to clean the CD player's optics on spec - but now, the first thing I do is to see if the CD and CD packaging bear the official CD logo. If they don't, it's a dead cert the disc's not a CD and there's nothing to be done. EMI, I hate you.

Thing is, it's taken me a while to notice the problems with a fair few of these dodgy discs because years ago, I started ripping all my CDs (lossly - yes I do think I can hear the difference, at least when I'm sat down in front of the decent stereo; in any case, why use lossy compression when you've got a 1TB HDD?) and playing them using iTunes via a Byzantine route ending in a stand-alone DAC feeding my proper hi-fi.

Yep, it turns out that I can rip-to-HDD all these music discs which supposedly can't be played on computers but are okay in proper CD players, but I can't play many of 'em on my proper CD player.

Ho hum.

I've actually created home-written CDs of some of these non-CD music discs, to save me the faff of booting up a couple of Macs just to play *that* bit of music. The writable CDs play perfectly well, all of 'em.

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