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Bye bye MP3: You sucked the life out of music. But vinyl is just as warped

C Phillips

60 years old and grew up on vinyl. In my opinion, the only thing wrong with vinyl is it must be kept clean and stored well. Phono cartridges have improved too since the sixties. Unfortunately to get the best sound out of vinyl one can spend well over 10, ooo dollars for turntables and thousands for cartridges. I still have my late 60's turntable and with a reasonable cartridge and a declick/noise reduction program I can get beautiful recordings from my LP's. Yes, I record them. Why do I want to spend my time cleaning the same record over and over again just to listen to it. I love CD and sorry to see it dying. Eventually, it will probably return just like vinyl. Each format, records, cd, digital began to die just as it began to really improve. Vinyl began to die just as MFSL began producing their beautiful 1/2 speed recordings. Casette tape began to die just as it began to provide better tape materials and DBX/Dolby C noise reductions. CD began to die just as it advanced to XRCD (by Phillips), etc. The problem with most audio quality in physical media is the cheap production of the materials. Manufacturers began producing 8 track (for instance) with hard plastic pinch rollers instead of good rubber and plastic coated foam pads instead of felt backed spring metal. Mass production was the real culpret of the demise of each format. Records being produced pre-warped from the factory with off center spindle holes and recycled vinyl plastic sounding like someone eating potato chips next to your ear. MP3 is great if used for it's proper purpose...conserving the most space on a portable player but not for audiophile playing on a expensive system.

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