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Plutus Payroll clients and staff fell for plausible business model fairy tales

Jason Bloomberg Silver badge

As someone who was willing to stand up for the company, even if only saying 'don't judge without all the facts', I guess they suckered me, though hardly as much as the people they have really harmed.

The thing is it was all plausible and it seems far smarter people than me were equally suckered, including experts in the industry and even people working within the company. Most importantly, everything looked fine and dandy, and had been for a long time, until what was going on was revealed for what it was. They are said to have had government departments and big name businesses using their services.

I think it's important to note the scam was being run behind the scenes rather than directly scamming customers. It may still be that it can be considered a viable business model despite the skimming which was going on - I admit though that I haven't read the full indictment.

Bottom line is, that if it looks like a legit business, seems to be doing nothing wrong, appears to be doing exactly as it should, is giving no real cause for concern, it is impossible to tell some or all of it isn't legitimate. I can't find it in my heart to blame anyone who has found themselves suffering through having become a customer of Plutus.

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