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Good link - but . . .

Thank you for the link. I followed it and discovered a number of things I didn't know before, including a few statements that tend to slightly contradict the point you made, and flatly contradict the general anti-vinyl statements made by some other posters in this discussion. For example: "Commonly there is audio content up to 23-24 kHz on many vinyl records. Many instruments have overtones up to 100 kHz. See article:"

Handling the high frequencies generated by many instruments will cause a lot of problems for digital kit. Choices appear to be to savagely filter out the unwanted high frequency content (which has lots of bad effects on the phase of the remaining signal) or fail to remove the unwanted high frequency content (ditto). If you remember that music starts as an analog process (violin. guitar, drum, human voice) and ends as an analog process (manipulation of tiny bones in human ears), it may not be so surprising that dumping a lot of digital signal processing in the middle is actually a lot easier to get wrong than to get right.

I remain a committed vinyl fan, although I spend much more of my time listening to digitally stored data than to LPs. It's the convenience . . . pxd

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