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then there's those

who go on and on and on and on and on about the fidelity of their digital recording medium and the accuracy of the array of DACs outputting the signal to an amplifier that claims "300 watts!" but actually delivers an only slightly distorted 50 watts RMS. To a pair of $300-a-piece "audiophile bookshelf speakers" or "sound bar" made out of pressboard and speakers that one used to be able to get for a few bucks from Radio Shack.

Or worse, a bluetooth headset licensed by a prominent "rapper"..

Kinda like the same guys who will build a reliable 300hp 4 cylinder motor for a Japanese FWD, beef up the clutches and then "stance" it with distorted tires that gives it actual road contact surface area less than a good mountain bike.

Or almost exclusively watch DVD sets of Tom Baker's Dr Who and old Youtube videos on their brand new UHD 4K 70 inch 3d television.

Basically, real world? MP3 is "good enough" if not better than almost ALL the output systems most people actually possess.

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