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Re: Listening to Vinyl is a bit like eating at a posh restaurant

You remind me of an acquaintance who, if given a glass of wine out of a cardboard box with a plastic bag in it, would wax lyrical about the bouquet, the overtones of cinnamon and cat's piss and then go on to tell you about the vine growing on a south facing slope on a slag heap near Carmarthen.

He was full of crap too.

I suspect a Kia will be a better value for money buy than a beemer over it's life, will cost less for sparrs repairs, insurance and devalue less , I prefer my beat up old LandRover anyway.

In it's,day vinyl wasn't too bad but as the music industry grew, bean counters did thier best to maximize profits so discs became thinner and lighter and consequently the grooves became shallower, hence the skiipping that became so common without putting a sand bag on the arm.

I still prefer cds to vinyl and the cassette tape was more like the Austin Allegro of Audio, if had a quid for every foot of tangled tape....

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